Coaching is The Key

Loren West      Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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Do you ever get so frustrated with your marketing results (or lack of them) that you want to throw your laptop against the wall?


As you imagine your screen & keyboard shattering all over the floor, I want you to know something…


Everything is going to be OK.


No matter what arena you compete in, the feeling of frustration, and the fear of failure will always be present. There’s no escaping this.


In fact, unless you were born into a SUPER-RICH family who can pay your way to the top, you’re going to have to WORK for the things you want in life.


And since you’re most-likely not one of those people, you might as suck it up, and realize that sooner or later, you’re going to meet these two emotions head-on.


So if you’re not getting the results you want, or can’t seem to breakthrough to your monthly income goals, it’s time to embrace your failures, and channel your frustration into something more productive.


That something, is a business/marketing coach!


When I first started in digital-marketing, I failed miserably…


My mind was all over the place, I lost a ton of money, wasted untold amounts of time, and was on the verge of giving up.



It wasn’t until I hired my first marketing coach that things finally started turning around…


In the beginning, I thought I wanted to be an SEO “guru”, until I realized one thing.


...I hated SEO!


The algorithms change waaaay too much, and it’s far too easy to get your website or sales funnel penalized.


Lucky for me I was driving ZERO traffic, or else I may have destroyed my entire business trying to “trick” the system… AKA Google.


Then I tried to be a “social media” marketer.


But little did I know, that term is EXTREMELY vague, which led to me offering everything under the sun to clients who wanted to pay the least amount of money for my services.


After giving up on that venture, I decided I’d go back to being a “course junkie”.


I told myself I didn’t know enough to make a stable income online, so I took out a loan, and wasted a few thousand dollars on marketing courses.


Although the info I consumed was good, the lack of results killed my confidence, and had me stuck in a “learning loop”.


During this journey, I ended up befriending what some would call a seasoned marketer.



I bought a few of his programs in the past, and decided to take up his offer for a 1-hour consulting call.


Before, I had only invested in dozens of low priced ebooks and video courses, which brought me little to no progress. But this offer felt different…


Up until now, I was always left with information overload, and my own beginner perspective. Both of which hadn’t put any money back into my bank account.


But now, I finally had the opportunity to speak to someone who makes a full-time income online! I was ecstatic…


I was finally about to learn the SECRET to MILLION-DOLLAR marketing!


I never forgot that call…


Because things were revealed to me that put every piece of information I had consumed into perspective. In other words, several “light-bulbs” turned on that day.


1.There is no “secret” to building an online business.


2.Stop buying courses (because I already knew “enough”, and chances are you do too!).  


3.Coaching is the way!


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How important is hiring a coach?


The bottom line is this... you can’t reach the the top of anything without getting help.


All the greatest athletes, actors, business-people, etc. have all had a coach/mentor to help guide and push them to GREATNESS!


...Us marketers are no different.


In fact, our world changes so fast, and so frequently, that we need as much help as we can get from people who have been in business longer than us.


So if you can find the RIGHT person, and, if you can afford it, you should DEFINITELY hire a coach!


Besides having a great offer, It’s the best way to (almost) guarantee an ROI in your business...


Now that you know the REAL “secret”, you’ve got a choice.


You can either keep doing the same thing expecting different results, which is the very definition of insanity,


...or, “do what you gotta do” to become a 7 (or 8) figure boss!


Which means realizing, and accepting that fact that you don’t know it all, and going after someone who knows more than you to help reach your goals.


Ready to finally get the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for? Hire a coach asap!


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