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My name is Zach Miller and I've helped double the sales of multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses. How? SALES FUNNELS!Your core focus should be a sales funnel. That's the cornerstone of a business.A sales funnel allows you to track your numbers, and number don’t lie. In fact, numbers TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. If you split test a page and ‘Page B’ performs better than ‘Page A’, which page do you keep pushing traffic to?While sales funnels are my core focus, there's of course more to run a business. That's why I also teach on various topics that I've used in my 10+ years in online marketing: Email Marketing, SEO, WordPress, Video Marketing, and all things entrepreneur and business owner.MY STUDENT GOALS 100 people become $1,000,000 earners1,000 people become $100,000 earners1,000,000 people make $1 online

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