Bio: Juliette Stapleton


Juliette Stapleton is a visibility strategist, whose mission is to guide and empower highly driven women in business to discover the magic of alignment with their brand and show up authentically online without tech overwhelm or a long learning curve.


Having been involved in a digital marketing and web design word since 2001, Juliette has a great understanding on what is involved in building a position of visibility and has been behind several prominent projects and some award winning small businesses in Ireland, where she is based, helping them extend their presence online. In 2017, Juliette has started building her own personal brand to be able to reach and support women achievers all over the world.


Her whole philosophy is based around, inspiring, creating deep people to people connections, authentic marketing and overcoming the fear of technology on the road to success. Her hands on coaching style is very supportive and she has a talent of breaking complex down into easy to implement strategies.


An internationally known online visibility coach and a contributor to numerous online and print publications, Juliette is on a mission to empower gifted and committed women in business to show up in their greatness online without tech overwhelm or hiding their true light. Fearlessly creating success and significance.



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