Bio: Eric Luis


Hello, my name is Eric Luis, I have a drive to produce a positive difference in the world through technology. Being a creative web designer along with computer technician, I enjoy working with brands to explode their online business. Ranging from full web based business systems to small business websites, covering all aspects of digital business optimization from social media management to web design, SEO, branding, content marketing, digital advertising, email/video marketing, eCommerce etc I am also a passionate blogger in the world of tech, health/fitness or finance, so you should be able to find me on most social media platforms usually sharing my latest article in the hope to make a positive difference.


SEO & Digital Marketing Manager, Computer Technician, Health Coach
Gave up working a 9-5 job to work 16 hours straight haha Although this way I chose the coffee breaks.
Focus on my own business, along with enlightening, empowering and helping others to do the same.
Passionately exceed my client's expectations, with the wide range of products and services I offer. Been
online since 56k dial-up modems and using a computer since the Commodore 64.


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