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Want to meet a guy who’s passion for psychology & marketing borders on the obsessive?


From the epicenter of BBQ & Soul Food, and the birthplace of Rock, RnB and “Trap” music (Memphis,TN), comes and Email Marketer & Ecommerce fanatic that wants nothing more than to RULE THE WORLD through high-ticket sales.


(*Cue the sinister background music…)


Born from a lineage of HIGHLY-Successful Businessmen, Doctors, Artists, & Activists, at an early age, Loren knew three things he wanted to have/be in life…


1.)Own & operate his own business.


2.)Become a creator of art in many forms (Comic books, Cartoons/Anime, & Music).


3.)Travel the world… learning history, making friends, enjoying great food, and living life to the FULLEST!


Although “The-M” is his home, he was fortunate enough to be exposed to many different cultures, and experiences while living abroad as a youth.


Places like Siena, Trieste, and Milan, Italy to name a few… are the European cities he called home, and where he developed a taste for high-fashion, fragrances, fast-cars, sport-bikes, and the BEST pasta & brick oven pizza you could imagine…


On the flip side, the summer he spent in Manila, Philippines, was one of the most memorable moments in his life. exposing him to some of the friendliest people of Southeast Asia, and the most beautiful beaches & jungle scenery on Earth.   


With semi-world travel under his belt, and being blessed enough to grow up in one of the most unique cities in the US, Loren’s outlook on life and the world around him, has helped to shape who he is, and plays a major role on the IMPACT he’ll make on this planet...   


Thank you for reading!


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