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Vektor Strategies and Marketing


Josh Jurkovich is the CEO and Founder of a marketing agency called Vektor Strategies based out of baltimore, MD. After a decade of experience in Sales, he discovered his passion in the field of Digital Marketing and began pursuing and consuming every piece of knowledge he could find related to the field of DM and Entrepreneurship, including obtaining a Masters Degree in Digital marketing from Concordia College NY.


He first started the agency with traffic in mind. “I’ll do facebook ads and Google Adwords and help businesses get traffic to their sites and find success”.... But quickly realized that was only a small piece to a much larger puzzle. Traffic is only as good as the funnel or website that you drive it to, which is only as good as the offer or product on that website.


After realizing this, he began offering funnels and website optimization, etc as part of his business model, eventually going away from traffic as this is an area in which most businesses truly lack. He then obtained a partnership with Infusionsoft and Hubspot after discovering the power that marketing automation can have on a business.


He now helps businesses who are overwhelmed with all the different marketing tactics available make sense of the noise that is Digital Marketing today come up with concrete foundations for their business and marketing efforts. Building on a strong foundation is the only way your business can truly grow and scale.


With the years of sales experience, he’s able to see marketing from a salesperson's perspective and help businesses do the three things that make any business grow: 1. Get more leads, 2. Get those leads to buy more from them, and 3. Get them to buy more often. And he’s able to automate and optimize the whole process helping business owners work on their business rather than in their business.


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