Bio: Charly Wigstrom


FB Ads and Funnels Samurai / Former Process Safety Manager for 23 years that found his destiny 4.5 years ago trying to startup my own company online. I took a Mastermind with Russell Brunson ( at that time he was not so famous LOL) and I end up running a Facebook ads campaigns for a Realtor in UK where we spent 12K in Ads and we made 2.6 Million Pounds or Paul Beaman Fitness trainer 500K Followers and video 1 mm views on Facebook 900% increase profitability ( I like to show off about it because it is unique ) after that everything change on my life, I bought a house in Marbella and Now I’m flyfishing in Argentina (holidays)...."


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Facebook Ads Winning Pieces

Friday, March 30, 2018