Being Active In Facebook Groups For Client Attraction - Is It Spammy?

Juliette Stapleton      Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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One of the most successful strategies for growing your audience and attracting your ideal client on Facebook is getting involved in Facebook groups that share their interests or where the admin promotes services or products that complement your services.


However, the most significant block a lot of heart-centred entrepreneurs are facing with this strategy is feeling unsure how to be active without coming across self-promoting or spammy. Most Facebook groups these days have "no link and no self-promotion" rules, and it is fair. It takes a long time to build an active group, and the admins should be the first ones to monetize and reap the benefits, so stepping on their toes and waving your flag is not authentic.


But being active in other groups has massive benefits if done the right way!


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Feeling SPAMMY is a mindset issue, and as a visibility strategist, I know EVERYTHING about it. :) Visibility on Facebook is a constant exercise in tuning your mindset for abundance and pushing your comfort zone. Here is what I learned.


It all starts with you knowing exactly who your ideal client is. Know them intimately, know their personality traits - this will give you an idea what groups they are likely to join.


When you talk to everyone - no one listens. It is the truth in marketing, so hone in on your best, most favourite person to work with.


Then, when you have identified what their interests are, join groups that reflect those interests. They could be complementary services to what you offer, not necessarily precisely what you do. There you will not feel like you are stepping on the admin's toes. :)



Then start adding value with comments. If there is a genuine way to provide value (this means to share information/knowledge) and inspire by writing a separate post, do that. You are genuinely helping people and do not post links or say - PM me or anything - THAT is spammy.


If someone is showing serious interest in your posts or replying to their comments, connect to them in those comments, then send them a friend request, you may even want a chat. Just keep it light - do not start immediately inviting them to like your page or join your group.


Remember, VISIBILITY is what builds the business, but it is a game of RELATIONSHIPS, not sales!!!!


While you connect to people and engage in other groups, make sure you post a lot of engaging content on your personal profile. Give them content that inspires and makes them want to find out more. Then, you can lead them to your page/group/website/offer.


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You will have to invest in getting clients online - especially with time.


15 min slots are perfect as you can focus on screening and commenting on 3-5 groups at a time.


Small steps approach brings tremendous results.


It is not a sprint. It is a marathon, so allow six months to build your positioning, provided you stick to being active on Facebook in all three areas: your timeline, your group/page, other groups (3-5 at a time max).


What happens after is you will start to be seen as a leader and an expert who inspires and empowers!


THAT is the power of attracting clients in Facebook groups!


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