Are you a Leader? Leave Your Foot Print.

Ajit Shrivastva      Thursday, March 8, 2018

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A true leader needs to respect basic human values in order to leave a sound footprint as a leader in the organization and in order for his followers or future leaders to walk on it without burning their feet.


Build Trust

As a leader you want to create an environment favorable for leaders and potential leaders. Trust building is one of most important things to work on. Your employees need very little attention. They would be ready to do anything for you and your organization provided that you have built trust with them. If you follow this very basic guideline you would be amazed to notice the positive change within your team or organization. Here are some quick ways to begin building trust:


A. Know your employees by their names

B. Spare at least 5 minutes on a regular basis to ask about how they are feeling and whether they are encountering any problems at work or even at home

C. Say ‘Hi’ with a smile (a sincere one) if you are passing through the hall

D. Be emotionally intelligent and respect their emotions

E. Show them you can be vulnerable


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Be Humble

Often, I have seen that leaders become very formal when they talk to their team. Being formal is good but beware of being too formal, as it starts creating a wall between you and your team. How would you feel if your 5-year-old son or daughter wanted to reach out to you but there was a wall standing between you or vice versa? Treat your team as if they were your kids! Show your team that you are also dedicated, that your doors are open unconditionally for your everyone without any barriers. Try to change your behaviour for a few weeks and show your human side and you would be amazed at the response.

Be Open to Share

Sharing your experience is important for the upcoming leaders in order to give them a clear path to walk on without any hesitation. A good leader always shares their experience with their team. They share not only their success but their challenges and failures as well. When a leader shows accountability, it encourages the team to be accountable as well.

Consider the three aspects of leadership above when trying to build a leadership path for your team and for the leaders to follow. You may think that this sounds all too theoretical, but it is simpler than it sounds. And, amazingly, such leaders exist around us. An example of such leader that I have personally encountered is Darren Entwistle, CEO of TELUS Telecommunications. He has demonstrated successfully a culture of creating leaders by acting with humility, having a contagious smile and knowing his team by name.

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