5 Ways To Keep Your Organic Facebook Posts In Line With Your Funnel

Kristen Miller      Monday, January 21, 2019

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Your social media is the top of your funnel. In so many cases, your organic Facebook posts are how people find out about you.


Usually, someone shares a post from you that they love or you boost the post to reach new people and someone gets to know you for the first time.


It’s the way they get to know you more too. Maybe they downloaded your lead magnet and liked your Facebook page to see more of you in their newsfeed.


So it’s very important that you keep your posts in line with your funnel. That means, what you post about directly relates to your funnel. Don’t post recipes if you don’t sell anything related to recipes.


That makes sense right?


But with social media, we sometimes think that we need to be extra social and post whatever is going on in our lives. It’s ok to be off-topic sometimes, but not when it’s the majority of your content.


What do you need to do instead?


Keep these 5 things in mind when creating your organic Facebook content.


1- Start with the end in mind


Know exactly what is in your funnel and what you need to say to get people to click over to your funnel.


Make sense?


It’s not the same as talking about your lead magnet all the time.


It’s not the same as mentioning your product all the time.


What do they need to hear to prepare them for the lead magnet or product?



2 - It’s all about THEM


This is a big one! It’s not about you, it’s about THEM. Always, always, always keep that in mind.


Make sure you keep “I” to a minimum and that there is a “what’s in it for me?” for your audience.


Hint: After you write a post, think to yourself “What’s in it for them?” If you can’t come up with a good answer - rewrite it.


3 - Post about the right topics


Like I mentioned before, don’t post recipes if that has nothing to do with your business. Only post about topics that accompany your business. Or make sure that the post always circles back to the business somehow.


If you want to post about the best dinner recipe you ever tried - make sure you bring it back around to the lesson or the reason for the post and make it apply to your business.


4 - Post the right type of content


When you know what topic to post about, make sure you’re posting it in a way that connects with your audience.


Types of content:


Recorded Video

Live Video


Sharing blog posts

Text only posts

Voice posts


If you’re not sure what your audience responds to best, try them all and see what resonates the most.


Pro Tip: Video always reaches the most people and creates the best engagement with your audience. Be sure to try video!



5 - Engage with your audience


When they comment - comment back! Like their comment. Keep the conversation going. Facebook looooves when pages engagement back with their audience. It’s not a one-way conversation there!


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