5 Ways to Create Scarcity In Your Funnel

Kristen Miller      Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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You know that feeling that you’re going to miss something awesome if you don’t jump at the chance in front of you?


That’s FOMO.


I can’t tell you the number of things I purchased because of “fear of missing out”.


In online marketing, fear of missing out is largely found in large launches that happen only a few times a year. You only have a few short days to get the thing before it’s gone.


That’s scarcity. It makes people more likely to buy!


But what about when you don’t want to do huge launches, and you’d rather sell your course year-round?


5 Ways to Create Scarcity In Your Funnel


#1 - Deadlines


This is the most common form of scarcity. When you have an open and close cart, there is a limited time when you can purchase.


This is great if you want to have regular launches and don’t mind being “closed” for a while in between.


#2 - Bonuses


Bonuses are a great way to create that scarcity.


Examples: Bonus #1 expiring at midnight! Only the first 10 people get Bonus #2!


The great thing about bonuses is that the price stays the same, but what they get changes based on when they buy.


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#3 - Price


You can offer discounts to people who buy sooner rather than later. Founding member discounts, Early Bird Discounts, that kind of thing.


The downside of that is that you’re discounting your price which means less money for you and less perceived value for your customer. Kind of a lose-lose situation.


#4 - Personalized deadlines


That’s where Deadline Funnel comes into play.


This app lets you create scarcity in your evergreen funnel by giving every person their own deadline.


Let’s say that you used to have 2 yearly launches that lasted 7 days.


Now, you can have an open cart but each person only has the option to buy for 7 days. Wow! Mind blowing right?


#5 - Limited Number


When you limit the number of things you’re selling, you can also create scarcity. It’s a good way to really focus on the people you’re serving, especially in a beta version of a digital course.


When setting a limited number of customers, make sure it’s based in reality. Some things that can create a limited number: only x number of webinar attendees, only a certain number of coaching hours available, etc.



Can you do more than one? Absolutely.


A lot of marketers use multiple forms of scarcity to sell their digital course or product.


Why not right?


If one is good, more is better!


What about FALSE scarcity?


This is where it gets tricky. Some marketers don’t mind playing with the truth about scarcity. I believe that’s never a good idea.


People are pretty savvy. They know you don’t have a limited number of spots in a digital course!


Don’t mess around with the truth or your potential clients won’t trust you.


What’s your favorite scarcity?


Can you guess what my favorite scarcity tactic is? Bonuses.


It creates a win-win situation for you and your customer. More for everyone!


Tell me - what is your favorite scarcity tactic and why?


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