5 FREE & Easy to Implement Tech Hacks that can SAVE Your Funnel

Kapil Ochani      Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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  1. High Bounce Rate is BAD – Everyone says this. I agree. But what to do about it?

Here is a simple tool that will help you see the actual videos of people visiting your website & help you understand what they are doing on the site & why they are bouncing. With some easy fixes, you can bring the bounce rate way below.

Tip: Try and use an exit pop-up to further bring the bounce rate down.



2. Finding out Funnels in Your Niches – Simple search tip to help you find out the funnels in any niche.

Since most of the funnels are hosted on clickfunnels site, it is very easy to find them with Google’s help. Just type

site:clickfunnels.com [your niche]

and you will easily see all the funnels in your niche. For example, your niche is forex, just type

site:clickfunnels.com forex

Tip: Take inspiration from other people’s funnels and implement those in yours to make your funnel better.



3. Uncovering Competitor’s Traffic Sources – Now that you have found your competitors, lets uncover their traffic sources.


Most of the funnels will easily tell you about the location of your competitors or their phone numbers or their business name. Perfect! Google their details and go to their official website. Most of the sites must be having their facebook page link. Even if they don’t, you can easily find it from Google.



On their Facebook page, go to the left menu and click on Info and Ads. You will see their exact ads that they are running.


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4. Playing with the CTA – A lot of people don’t pay attention to this thing. The CTA is the most important element on the page because you want everyone to click it.


Colors as well as the text are two main components of a successful CTA. Both of them, with multiple combinations, must be vigorously tested in order to determine a winning pair.


5. Seamless Integration – There are lots of components to a successful funnel. Right from the loading of the funnel to getting a conversion, there are lots of things in between like filling of forms, getting form data into an email, getting emails on to a subscriber list, sending email sequences to different types of subscribers etc.


For a funnel to be successful, it is imperative that all of the components of a funnel are working smoothly and there is a seamless data flow between each and every part of the funnel. The tracking of data is as important as its acquisition.


  • : Always test your funnels from end to end in order to make sure everything is working smoothly.


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