5 Digital Marketing Technology Trends of 2018

Eric Luis      Saturday, January 19, 2019

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With it only being January at the time of writing this, you should not be surprised that some trends are here to stay from the previous year. However, not everything is so clear cut when it comes to digital marketing technology trends of 2019.


The diverse digital marketing channels are as yet still most loved to advertise brands on, after all, anyone successful in business these days will agree branding is where it is at, take Starbucks for example. It’s just very well branded coffee.


Websites, blogs, social media, video content, etc These platforms or digital marketing as a whole is still accepted to be the shiny key that can open up a multitude of doors capable of inviting new prosperous business.


Numerous entrepreneurs presently have understood it isn't sufficient to just stay focused, however, remaining focused along with keeping up to date. This is something I take seriously at my company Top Level Traffic.


On the off chance that you are battling with your results driven digital marketing, read on for our 5 digital marketing technology trends of 2019 below.



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Item Placement in Real Time (Augmented Reality)

There were numerous advancements within the technology that we have seen especially in the case of augmented reality in the past couple of years.


Much the same as Amazon or Ikea, the testing situation of furniture, layout, or any hardware is that simple. Individuals put those things in their rooms with the assistance of their cell phones, and then they choose to purchase the items after they plan out the entire room placement or position in real time.


In the event that you are working on Amazon, exploiting this AR item perception will positively encourage your clients. Not to mention if you are even dropshipping etc. AR or Augmented Reality should be a large focus for your business in 2019 hence one of our digital marketing technology trends.


Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users so there should already be no question of its power. However, IGTV by Instagram enables you to make story recordings in an unusual vertical format. As it is somewhat unique in relation to YouTube's horizontal recordings, IGTV has set another trend of sharing your story to the world.


If you are making video recordings for your promotions, this element of Instagram will unquestionably enable you to accomplish something innovative in your business so, IGTV again is not something to leave out when talking about digital marketing technology trends.




Evergreen Content

Yes, we realize it isn't new, yet still, it is alive! Evergreen content is eternal. The reviews, DIYs, instructional exercises, how-tos content, etc. Never gets obsolete, ever, there is always demand for this content.


Make something useful or instructional that individuals like to read over and over. If you are bad at it, swallow your pride move onto what you are good at. You will be better off contacting a focused white label SEO organization like us at Top Level Traffic who likewise excels in such kind of content for your business.

Voice Marketing

Around 40% of adults use voice search once a day.


Our statistics show that the voice rec ( or Voice Recognition ) business will cross the $40 billion mark by 2022 aside other digital marketing technology trends. With surging use of voice-based items, for example, Google and Alexa ( Alexa was actually sold out over Christmas, it’s still pending stock for the 25th in some parts of the UK ), it is easy to see how voice search will advance fast.


Entrepreneurs need to exploit this specific niche since voice searches don't work in a similar way as typical text-based searches. So again a good SEO company that is up to date with the latest practices is paramount for your business success with voice search.



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Mobile Marketing

The buzz of cell phones available has made geofencing ( the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary Wiki ) an unquestionable requirement to have for business visionaries hoping to get the premium of the target markets.


With RFID, remote Bluetooth and Gps route frameworks, geofencing has the option to send explicit correspondences to forthcoming clients inside a specific region.


This advanced innovation has innumerable utilizations for purchasers, for example, utilizing brilliant gadgets, getting supermarket list notices when close to any retail location and furthermore opening the driveway doors when arriving home. The options are truly limitless.


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