4 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media for Your Business

Asia Faoro      Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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Did you know that the average person spends 24 hours per week online?


Or that there are currently 2 million businesses - and growing - that is advertising on Facebook?


How about the fact that Instagram currently has 1 billion users, of which 72% have purchased a product they saw on the platform?


Seeing a trend here? Social media is quickly becoming king when it comes to marketing - and like it or not, it’s here to stay! As a social media manager, I often find myself having conversations with business owners about the many benefits of utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. When used strategically, these platforms can be an incredible way to attract and build relationships with potential customers.


Here are my top 4 reasons for developing and implementing a social media strategy for your business...


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It’s Free Marketing. Need I say more? Think of social as an extension of your brand that offers free visibility - and lots of it! Through hashtags, geotagging, and consistent engagement, social media posts provide a truly amazing, powerful opportunity for the public to see your content, interact with your brand, and learn about your product/service - that otherwise wouldn’t.


Connection, Connection, Connection! The entire point of social media is right in its’ name - to be SOCIAL. These platforms provide businesses with the ability to easily connect with and learn about their target audiences, as well as keep tabs on what thought leaders are doing. With some time and some help from built-in analytics, you will begin to see what works well and doesn’t, giving you valuable insight as to what is resonating with your audience.


Demonstrate Your Expertise. By publishing high-quality, helpful content, you’re showing your followers firsthand what an expert you are in your respective industry. The end goal is to convert them to a customer or client, right? Well, by establishing yourself as a front-runner through valuable social media posts, you’re already going to have an upper hand and an easier time when it comes time to sell your product/service.


Competitive Advantage. As a prospective customer, would you be more likely to work with a tech-savvy company with an established online presence, or one who has no website or Facebook business page to be found? Not being visible online (or worse, not having one at all!) can actually be a red flag to potential customers - and we don’t want that!


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