3 Ways To Optimize Your Clickfunnels Funnel

Kristen Miller      Thursday, January 10, 2019

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That’s it! It’s official...your funnel isn’t converting and you don’t know what’s wrong.


You did EVERYTHING right, but it’s still not going well. So - is it time to quit or is it time to dig in your heels and read this article right here.


That’s what I thought! Stay with me here and I’ll break down 3 ways to optimize your funnel using split tests.


Split Testing - 3 Ways To Optimize Your Clickfunnels Sales Funnel


Here’s the good news...it’s not your fault! Your first funnel is your best guess on what people want and how they want to receive it. Usually, your first funnel doesn’t work!


I’m Kristen Miller and I’ve been designing and building funnels for over a year. My favorite thing to do is to watch in real-time as a split test I’ve made in a client’s funnel increases conversions.


When you want to start testing your funnels to increase conversions, split testing is the best place to start.


What is Split Testing?


Also known as A/B testing, split testing is when we try different things and see what works best. With Clickfunnels, we can create a second-page side by side the first and split the traffic between both pages.


You can see the results of the test in real-time and easily tell which is performing better. Once you know which one is best, you can simply disable the secondary page.


Clickfunnels allows you to easily create a split test page to test different options directly on the platform. If you use a different funnel software, they probably offer a similar option. The tips below will work regardless of your software, but the exact steps will probably differ.


Create a Split Test Page Using Clickfunnels:

Go to the page

Click Create Variation

Click Create Duplicate Page

Edit the second page

Click Start Split Test button

Click Apply Changes button


When creating split tests, it’s best to start small. Change one or two things at a time, so you can minimize the variables being tested. For example, if you only change the headline, you know for a fact that the increase (or decrease) in conversions is entirely headline related.


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This will help you as you continue to split test and see what works.


You can split test as many times as you want, for as long as you want. We are always trying to make funnels better, so you might as well always be trying something new.


Things to watch out for when creating a Split Test with Clickfunnels:



  • You need to add the integration! The email list information does not duplicate when you duplicate the page for the split test. Be sure to add your email account, email list, and tags to the new page.

  • Mobile Only information. Sometimes we have Mobile Only sections that are easy to forget about. Always test your mobile view and make sure the information there is still valid for your split test page.

  • Page URL. If page URLs are important to you, make sure you clean up the auto-created Page URL by clicking on the gear icon next to the Edit page button.


What should you Split Test?


The first three things you should test are your ads, your opt-in page, and your order form.


SPLIT TEST #1 - Your Ads


Ad Copy + Ad Images + Audiences


Your ads are the entry point to your funnel. They are the first point someone sees of your funnel, so this can be a make or break piece. If your ads don’t convert, your potential customers won’t even see the actual funnel steps.


Note: You may be using something besides ads as the entry to your funnel. Whatever brings people into your funnel - start there. It may be a Facebook Live or a Pinterest Pin.


Ad Copy -


Try multiple copy options for your ad. Some things to test: long copy, short copy, emotional copy, direct response copy, emoji versus no emojis.


Ad Images -


Facebook (in particular) has many different options for Images. Try a selection to see what works best. Mix and match with your copy to see what has the best conversions.


  • Static Image

  • Video

  • Carousel Images

  • No Image


Audiences -


There are many different ways to target people with your ads. In particular, with Facebook ads, you can test different Interests, Demographics and Custom Audiences.



SPLIT TEST #2 - Your Opt-In Page


Your opt-in page is (usually) the next step in the funnel, so it should be the next step in your split testing.


Opt-In Headlines -


Change up the headline on the page. Make sure the headline is directly related to whatever brought them to that page. If you are using Facebook ads, make sure your headline follows along from what they are expecting to see after they click on the ad.


Opt-In Copy -


If you have additional copy on the Opt-In Page, you can try changing these as well. Try appealing to different pain points or features/benefits of the lead magnet.


Opt-In Design -


Perhaps there is something in the design you can change. I like to test short opt-in pages, with just a headline and the email subscribe boxes, versus longer copy opt-in pages with more descriptions.


SPLIT TEST #3 - Your Order Form Page


Optimize For Mobile -


These days, most people are buying from their iPad or phone. That’s very important to know because you want to make sure your page is set up for mobile users. Things look completely different when they are built for viewing on computers versus viewing on phones.


Make sure your order form is SIMPLE and easy to follow on mobile.


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Payment Options -


Do you offer Paypal? For the longest (seriously, the longest) time, Clickfunnels didn’t integrate natively with Paypal. This was a huge deal for my clients because their customers wanted the convenience of paying with Paypal.


Now that Paypal is an option, have you set it up or are you leaving money on the table?


Order Bumps -


Order bumps are a fantastic way to offer a small little upsell to your product on the Order Form. This is definitely something you can play with to see if you can increase your cart value. Some things to try: change the item, change the title, change the description, change the price, and add or remove an image.


And if you don’t have an order bump yet - add one right now!


Analyzing your split test


After you have started your split test, how do you know what is working?


Clickfunnels makes it easy to analyze the information. Each page Edit box turns red or blue and it tells you what it thinks with a percentage confidence score. Once you have run through enough traffic to make an informed decision, stop the split test.


How to stop a split test in Clickfunnels:

Click the Declare As Winner button on the winning page

Click Ok on the “Are you sure?” popup

The losing page gets archived and the winning page stays in the funnel


Don’t stop a split test too soon! It takes a while to accumulate the data needed to decide what people respond to best. Under 100 page views is not a valid test audience. Be patient and wait to confidently decide which page performs better.



Next Level Testing


If you aren’t seeing a measurable improvement from the above split tests, it’s time to take a look at your offer and your funnel type.


Funnel Type


I’ve had success in the past by changing the WAY we were offering the same product. Perhaps you started with a webinar funnel - try changing it into a Tripwire funnel where part of the product is used as an immediate sale offer and the rest is sold via email and a sales page.




Do your potential customers just not want what you have to offer? It’s possible. If you get to this point, consider taking a deep dive into what problem you are solving and if it’s aligned with your product.


Have personal conversations with your target audience and ask them what they think - in depth. Note: This NEEDS to be personal. Surveys won’t work. You need to have a real conversation and see what their actual objections are.


After your split test


After you have tried a few split tests, you can start to see if your funnel conversions will improve (hopefully!)

The point is that you need to stick with one thing long enough to know if it’s really going to work or not. Too often people quit because their funnel doesn’t “work” in the first month.


Quitting too soon is a short-sighted marketing problem. If you truly believe that your product or service can change lives, then you’re dedicated to making sure your potential clients see what you have to offer.


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